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August 15, 2012
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Bing Wu Yi by HTHI Bing Wu Yi by HTHI
冰無漪 (Bing Wu Yi) from 霹靂 (PiLi, Taiwanese Puppet Series)
This guy has so much character. (Yes, this is a male.)
Check him out at 1:40 mins [link]

I was all flowers and rainbows and sunshine :) about the face, but then came the Hair, and a clap of thunder :(.

Sorry I omitted all his hair accessories because Laziness was calling on me. I guess you could think of this as him "undressing". ;P Me and my perverted fantasies
I was going to make him brush his hair back - that small detail of an action typical of his character. But it didn't turn out well, so I scrapped it.
I think I'll come back to this some time later to fill in the hair accessories...

First time I experimented without a draft/sketch, and went straight onto Photoshop with colors.

Media: Photoshop
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Aww so beautiful! I didn't realize just how much you had taken a liking to him :iconteheplz:
And I simply love the way you did his hair (I know i always say that, but I can't help myself) the blue and white both flow so well together and I love how you have those very strong strands of hair interspersed in the painting, gorgeous!
-and also how you mention about flowers and rainbows and a clap of thunder, that made me laugh like crazy :giggle:-
Nothing like laughter for medicine. :D

I'm glad you like it! The only reserve I have is how he looks too feminine. The whole cocking of the head and the swish of the hair. He IS slightly "elegant" and feminine-looking as his puppet self, but I think I may have overdone it in my drawing. What do you think?
Very good medicine :heart:

Nope I don;t think so. His jaw is angled and "heavy" -i can't think of the right words right now lol- and his features aren't soft but are hard. The only thing I might point out is his hairline is a little low on his forehead. But other than that he looks like himself ^_^
I know what you mean. His jaw is very square and angular, right? In other words, typical of a man's features. I agree his hairline is a bit low, though it was even lower before this final version. I'll change it sometime. I've noticed that all PiLis have very high foreheads.
You've got it! Square was what I was looking for, can't believe I couldn't think of it though :lol:
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